Launched in June of 2021 and based in West Palm Beach, Florida, we are quickly expanding across the nation.

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Snap Delivered

Snap Delivered lets people order online quickly and conveniently for delivery and takeout from their favorite local restaurants.

We offer an easy to use order management system to bring partnering restaurants orders from new and existing customers.

We deliver more than food. We deliver a great opportunity. Talk about us to your favorite restaurants, delivery drivers, family and friends. If they join Snap Delivered, we pay you. That's right pay you. Real cash money. Great Food with a side of cash.
That's Snap Delivered.

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SNAP DELIVERED revolutionizing the 3rd party food delivery service!

Snap Delivered

Ever get the feeling that you are worth more that what you are earning doing delivery? We think you are too. That's why our drivers are a big part of our company. So big in fact, that we pay you on more than just those deliveries.

We're driving home great opportunities for our delivery drivers. When you join Snap Delivered, you are much more than a delivery driver. You are the face of our company and you're very important to us. So important that we are going to show you how you can earn unlimited income when you have others join Snap Delivered. Unlimited earning potential.
That's Snap Delivered.

Our Drivers Make a Better Paycheck!

Several Remarkable Features Separate Snap Delivered From All the Major Competitors in the Industry.

1. Our Drivers get paid direct to their bank accounts within 24-48 hours.
2. There are no hidden deductions on your commissions or tips, so you keep all your money.
3. You are truly your own boss, having control over when you work, how long you work, and how much you earn!
4. The biggest difference is with Snap Delivered Drivers have the ability to refer other drivers, customers, and restaurants to Snap Delivered and earn income every time those drivers start making deliveries! Imagine having an army of drivers in cities around the country helping you to earn an income! Nothing like this has ever been done in the history of the industry!

Snap Delivered Drivers earn $3.00 Per Delivery plus an additional $0.50 Per Mile After the first 5 miles. Plus, you keep 100% of your Tips! Example:

We encourage our customers to tip 20% on each order and the default gratuity is 20%. ($50 average order with 20% tip is $10 + $3= 13 before any mileage charges)

Along with making deliveries and referring other delivery drivers, you can earn income by referring customers and restaurants to the Snap Delivered family as well! The potential to earn money by leveraging your referred drivers, customers, and restaurants, and marketers is literally limitless!

Become a driver with Snap Delivered today and start creating the financial success that you and your family truly deserve!


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Puts Restaurants First!

Watch the Video Below to See How!

Radio Interview

Business Innovators Radio Network host Neil Howe talks to Paul Mikel, CEO of Snap Delivered, about the restaurant delivery industry and how it is ripe for change. Listen in below.

Restaurant Roundtable

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Download Our Restaurant Agreement Here

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1335 Old Dixie Highway Unit 21
Lake Park, Florida 33403


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Saves Money and Makes Money for Its Customers!

How Customers SAVE Money

Low cost delivery fees!

Members pay $3.50 fuel fee for the driver plus a % driver tip.

No menu markups to customers!

Other delivery services markup appetizers $1.00 - $2.00, and markup entrees $2.00 - $3.00!

How Customers MAKE Money



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